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Wow, where to start? 


Giving all thanks to the man up stairs!! And here we go! Back in 2008, I had to have a "complete" hysterectomy. I went on with life as  normal,  I was working out and still having a lot of back pain. I am very busty, so I decided I needed to see someone about having a reduction, and maybe a tummy tuck. I went in and met with a great doctor and decided to go ahead with the surgeries. After my surgery on December 12th, I was not healing well and was hospitalized. To my surprise, I had developed a MRSA infection in my lower abdominal area.  They performed an ultrasound and found a huge cyst on my right ovary, but they could not see my left one, due to the infection. So after months of home health care I was doing great! I started working out again and we decided to move to Austin to be closer to my husband's family. My husband said, "you know before we get moved why don't you go have that cyst removed before we get moved and start everything in Austin". We also had great insurance at that time. 

So, I went in and saw the doctor and well lets just say I THOUGHT my life was ending!!! He performed another ultrasound and found a mass the size of a grapefruit on my left ovary!! Now keeping in mind I was 41 at that time and I lost my father at the age of 47 to lung cancer!!!! I was floored and just was at a loss! That same day they also did a blood test to check my CA125 level (cancer marker). I heard nothing that day or the following which was a Friday!! I called my husband told him and then called and spoke with my mom. We called all three of our children and asked then to come over for dinner on Sunday. We got up Sunday morning as we always did and went to church. My stepfather (who is a pastor), his church, my pastor and our church held a special prayer for me that day. Later that night we where speaking with our three children when I received a call from my doctor. I was told that my CA125 was not quite what it needed to be, but it was not crazy high either! I thought, "What does that mean??". What that means is all the prayers for me on that day had been answered!! I scheduled surgery about a week later and was told I was one of the rare cases with Ovarian cancer! I was Stage 1 and it was all contained in the mass!!! Again nothing but GOD, because we had thought I had had a complete hyst, so had I not gotten the MRSA infection, I would have never known about the mass. Fortunately I did not have to have chemotherapy and I am now a 3 year survivor! 

Several years ago I received a call from a lady telling me she saw my resume online. I have no idea where she had gotten it from (again nothing but GOD).  I now work for Texas Oncology in the Gynecology department! I am able to give an comfort I can to women who are going through way more then I did, as well as be there to just let them know they are not alone!!!


This is my story, All glory be to GOD

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